Abby Valdes Topless

Abby-Valdes-toplessWell guys (and girls), here’s a reason to go to New York if you didn’t already have 100 other ones.

Did you know it is not a crime to walk topless in the streets of New York?

Well one curvaceous Australia model named Abby Valdes took full advantage of this for a risqué art project.  

Walking around the streets of NYC’s Chinatown district topless, the former Melbournian got numerous glares and stares but claimed that not one person was offended by the shoot.

The self-described “nudist” and “pioneer of plus-size modelling”, spoke exclusively to The Weekly recently where she said “People around the streets were, as you could expect, screeching to a halt in their cars and saying ‘Is she naked?'”

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